Fishing Water Temperature

What is the ideal water temperature when fishing for snook and redfish? Well, lets take a look at redfish first. If the water gets down to 52 degrees, this is deadly to a redfish. When you have a range of 53 to 69 degrees, the action will be on the slow side. With a range of 70 to 89 degrees, the bite is on. At 90 degrees plus, now it’s too hot. During the winter with colder, water look for dark bottoms, they heat up quicker than a light bottom. Snook are in trouble if the water temperature goes below 60 degrees, and many will die. In the 61 to 70 degree range, you will find slow action. 70 to 82 degrees is when all the action will come. At 90 plus, the water is just too hot. In the fall and winter months, you will find the snook have moved up into the creeks. During the spring and summer months you will find them just about everywhere. Here’s a tip you can buy a pool thermometer and just drop over the side of the boat, take a few readings. You can even attach one inside your live well.

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